BlueGriffon 1.7.2

Innovative WYSIWYG web designer

BlueGriffon is a new open source WYSIWYG cross-platform editor based on Gecko, the same rendering engine that's used in Firefox. View full description


  • Easy to use WYSIWYG interface
  • Compatible with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Based on same engine as Firefox
  • 64 bits


  • Unstable
  • Lacks a few options in menus


BlueGriffon is a new open source WYSIWYG cross-platform editor based on Gecko, the same rendering engine that's used in Firefox.

Because it's WYSIWYG, its easy to use and because its just been developed, it conforms fully with the latest W3C Standards including HTML 5, CSS 2.1 and large parts of CSS 3, CSS Mdia Queries, MathML, SVG etc. The fact that it uses the same rendering engine as Firefox means that its particularly good for designing websites for Firefox users.

The project you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox 4 as it does while you're working on it. If you're an advanced coder, you can switch to Source View mode to hard-code your page so there's something for beginners and experts in BlueGriffon.

BlueGriffon is very impressive although its still very much a work in progress. There's very little in the way of help documentation so using it is a case of trial and error. However, the WYSIWYG interface makes it easy enough to feel your way around. Although BlueGriffon is free to use, it can be extended with add-ons, although some of these aren't free and working out how to add them onto BlueGriffon is a bit tricky.

BlueGriffon is an very impressive up and coming free WYSIWYG website editor which may prove a very solid alternative to commercial options.


  • editor was losing focus when arrows keys are used to move the caret and a panel is visible ; L10N fixes.
  • complete refactoring of CSS Properties panel's code
  • save in source view horks character set
  • unprefixing box-shadow, border-radius and other updates
  • allow BlueGriffon to open local *.php files; b=405
  • allow changes of the document's charset
  • floating toolbar was horked with the findbar
  • Create backup before saving a html file; b=401
  • copy/paste makes all URLs absolute; b=398
  • activeview popup too transparent; b=372
  • html4 and html5 source views can be close without prompt, switch to DOMParser with text/html type; b=392
  • fixed floating toolbar on linux
  • Serbian l10n added
  • Link Insertion dialog adds a mailto: to mail links even if already present; b=394
  • comments, PHP and PI support; b=384
  • negative margins were not allowed; b=383
  • refine background-repeat UI; b=382
  • Revert, CloseTab and CloseOtherTabs as context menu on tabs; b=294
  • floating toolbar now has a preference in Preferences panel
  • formerly hidden pref forceLF now has a preference in Preferences panel
  • better support for multiple charsets
  • text-decoration:none option missing in CSS panel; b=381


BlueGriffon 1.7.2